All revenue generated through registration, sponsorships and donated funds will be used directly to offset the cost of hosting and conducting the Frontiers in Ornithology Symposium. There are no salaried personnel involved with the event and all excess funds will be donated to young birder-focused organizations via The Frontiers Fund as outlined below.

All proceeds from the Symposium go into The Frontiers Fund. All attendees were given one ticket to vote for one of three programs. The programs were selected by the Frontiers Team based on their benefit to youth through education, research, or conservation activities. Each program will receive a portion of the Fund based on the final vote by attendees in the ratio of 50/30/20. The final dollar amount has not yet been determined but will be posted here when available.

The 2019 recipient programs are:

  1. Hog Island Audubon Camps (youth camps) – 50%

  2. Maryland Avian Research & Conservation (MARC) Fund for Youth – 30%

  3. Ohio Young Birders Club – 20%